Our Top of the Line Companions

Navilis Connecting People, (Caspian), (our resident movie star- see this commercial) is the calm and highly intelligent stud dog we have at Red Fern! He is our top obedience competitor.


Taylors Zoey II, Zoey), is our free spirit female! She loves to run and show her independence, but when she has a choice to be loved on, she is there.

Red Rose of Golden Duck or “Rose” is one of our star females here at Red Fern Companions. She is a sweet girl who loves to play with everyone!

Bohemium of Zaporozhye Brava Amore Veritas (Brava) is our happy beautiful Ukrainian import. She has all of her health clearances done and throws perfect trainable puppies! She cheers up everyone who meets her!

Taylors Lilly (Lilly) is our Red Fern Sweetheart! She adores all things that involve people. She consistently brings me prizes, (flowers, sticks, toys, or anything else she thinks I might like) on any excursion we go on. She has a heart of gold!

Diamond Belle of Canterbury (Belle) is our high energy golden girl. Belle loves to run and is so athletic! She is fun to watch! Of course, like all goldens, she has to check in to show her love.