Red Fern Companions Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to address your questions at any time here at Red Fern, and here we have done our best to address some common ones. If you are not able to find the answer to your question, please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to answer any question you have.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy from us, please contact us by phone at 385-201-5318, or fill out the form on our Contact page. We require a $500 non-refundable deposit for reserving a puppy.

We are with our puppies daily and so is our trainer. We take notes about every puppy’s behavior and we get to know their personality as a whole. At the age of 7 weeks, we have a very firm idea of what each and every puppy is like and what kind of family they will fit into best. While our opinion should weigh on your decision, it is ultimately your choice. We ask that you make arrangements to visit our puppies and get to know their personalities. Nobody knows better than you, what type of dog fits into your home. At the age of 8 weeks, you are able to come pick up your puppy or have your puppy shipped to you, unless you have enrolled him in our training program.

Yes, we do offer a training program for our puppies. We start at the age of 8 weeks and will train your puppy anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks of age all the way to 6 to 8 months of age depending on the extent of the training. This training program has been extremely successful with our puppies as they learn very quickly. We like to consider ourselves very knowledgeable in training puppies. However, we do have a full-time trainer that works with puppies from the socialization stage through their training program

We recommend that you visit our puppies enough times to get a general idea of their personality. This is a very important part of getting to know which dog is best for your family. There is no guarantee that a puppy is not going to change his personality. With good training and a mutual respect, your puppy will thrive in your home.

We do not allow anyone to pick a puppy based on which one is the cutest of the litter. Puppies temperaments change rapidly and so does their appearance. Just because a puppy is cute, does not mean it is going to fit perfectly into your family.

Yes! We welcome you to meet your puppy’s parents and so do they. They love interacting with different people and they can’t wait to show you their puppies. While our every intention is to give you a tour, you may get one from a happy, excited dog which is so much better than any tour we could give you.

If you have not purchased breeding rights, and you do not plan to purchase breeding rights, it is recommended to have your puppy spayed/neutered. Sexual maturity in dogs can cause a change in hormones that affect personality and energy levels, and unused reproductive organs can lead to health problems later in a dog’s life, especially in males. Never breed a dog that is under the age of two years. This can result in injury or death for the mother or the puppies. We have no tolerance for allowing your dog to bred before the age of 2 years.

There are two methods we use to transport our puppies.

The first method is door to door transportation. We schedule transporting your puppy directly to your home using a trusted pet transport service. Your puppy will be handled with utmost care, will be fed and watered along the way, and let out every 2-3 hours to stretch and use the bathroom.

The second method which is much less expensive is flying your puppy solo with either United, Delta or American Airlines. These airlines have proven to be very trustworthy and have taken care of every puppy we have shipped as well as every puppy we have received. All of our adults have been shipped in from numerous European countries and have always been treated with the utmost care.

Puppies are shipped in pressurized compartments that have a pet shipping area. They are waited on by an attendant and are very taken care of extremely well. We have never had a puppy physically or emotionally traumatized from flying.

We recommend bringing a travel crate, a collar or body harness, a basic leash, some chew toys, a bowl and water for your trip home.

We are happy to offer a “take home package” which includes a travel crate, a collar, a leash (we can have your puppies’ name embroidered on each of these items) chew toys, a grooming brush, and stainless steel feeder bowls.

We provide two options for a warranty on our dogs. The first is a 4 year warranty which will cover all genetic health issues which include hips, elbows, eyes and heart. This warranty will only be applicable to you if you use vitamins and dog food that Red Fern Companions uses and endorses. The second option is a 2 year health guarantee and is applicable to those who decide not to use the specified and endorsed vitamins and dog food. You can read the entire warranty by clicking on our Warranty & Agreement page.