The Golden Retriever: Is it the Right Dog for Your Family?

The Golden Retriever: Is it the Right Dog for Your Family?

When looking for a dog for your family, choosing a breed  is an extremely important decision, and not just any breed, but the right breed of dog. With several hundred dog breeds to choose from, the options for you and your family are almost limitless.

Golden Retrievers are a very popular breed for families. Read how they might work for yours!


Sporting Group

The AKC categorizes breeds by grouping them with others that have distinguishing characteristics that are shared by various breeds. The Golden Retriever has been classified in the “Sporting Group.”

The “Sporting Group” is composed of some of the oldest breeds and most popular breeds. Many of the dogs in the “Sporting Group” are dogs that have been bred for hunting. Even though the breed was created for hunting, they are mostly kept as family pets. The features that cause them to be classified in the hunting group are the features that make them more appealing, because they are what make owning a sporting dog fun.

Ways to Enjoy Your Golden

Goldens are natural retrievers. Because of this, you can enjoy playing fetch, Frisbee, and being outdoors. They are enthusiastic, enjoy being active, and have a natural love of water. The Golden Retriever was bred to be a strong, tough, agile dog. While some Golden Retrievers lay around the house and love wrestling on the floor, this breed is extremely well built for performing in the field on hunting expeditions, as well.

Golden Puppies

As a puppy, a Golden Retriever is a ball of energy and extremely mouthy. It is very important in this breed to direct chewing toward acceptable items. Puppies don’t care what they chew on; they just want to chew. A chair leg, a sterilized bone, or your brand new flip flop—they really don’t care. While they might start out a little rocky, they enjoy helping you, are very trainable, athletic, good natured and loyal.


If you want a dog that is loyal, great with kids and adults, and has an amazing and active personality, the Golden Retriever may be the breed for you.