Common Dog Diseases, Illnesses and Conditions

Like all pets, dogs are prone to lots of diseases. To keep dogs free from diseases, they should be understood and treated with the assistance of the veterinarian. Some of the common dog diseases are discussed below: Rabies Due to current vaccination laws, rabies is becoming a less common dog disease. It is caused by […]

How Important Is Pet Dental Care?

Dental care is an important part of caring for your pet. Just like humans, dogs have teeth that can cause problems if they are not cared for with a proper dental routine. You may have already noticed, but dogs can suffer from bad breath just like humans can. Your vet is an important part of […]

Dog Identification Tips

According to the American Humane Society, just 15% of dogs in shelters ever find their way home again. Thankfully, the 15% of these loved pooches had identification, enabling shelter personnel to contact and return them to their owners. With such discouraging statistics, it becomes clear how important it is to tag or identify your new […]

Helping Kids and Pets Develop ‘Pawsitive’ Relationships

Dogs, like children, are part of the family. But no matter what the dog’s temperament, families with young children should take some important safety precautions. For the children’s safety and the dog’s, it’s crucial that they learn how to play nicely with each other. Here are some suggestions: Choose the right breed and personality. Generally […]

How to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Bored dogs cause problems. If you don’t keep your dog’s mind stimulated, chances are that he’ll find activities to stimulate his mind himself, and you won’t like those activities. A dog that is mentally stimulated on a daily basis is a happy dog, and happy dogs don’t cause dog problems. Here’s a quick list of […]

Intestinal Parasites in Dogs

Dogs and cats often fall victim to several common intestinal parasites known as worms. There are a large number of different types of intestinal worms, but dogs are most commonly affected by tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. These parasites live in the digestive tract (most commonly in the intestines) where they feed on nutrients, robbing […]

Parvovirus And Your Dog

Parvovirus (commonly called Parvo) is a viral disease that affects dogs. It is far more common in puppies than adult dogs and can have serious ramifications for the infected animal, including death. Parvo grows best in the rapidly dividing cells of the dog’s intestines. As the virus attacks and kills these cells, it causes massive […]

Pet Care: The Hyperactive Puppy

Puppies are like children; they can get into unimaginable difficulties when their environment is not structured. Here is a basic checklist of environmental hazards that are not good to have around hyperactive puppies: Puppies can open loose cupboard doors. Buy cupboard door protectors or get out the good old duct tape to protect the varnish […]

Preparing Your Home for A New Puppy

Ah, those lovable dogs and their cute and clever antics! Don’t we love the way they play fetch and run and jump and roll around and lick us affectionately and pee all over the carpet and… Pee all over the carpet? Well, we don’t love that aspect of dog ownership, now do we? Dogs can […]

Reward Your Dog When Obedience Training

Rewarding your dog is the best motivator when training. It is well known that using rewards and other positive reinforcement when obedience training a dog is the most effective method and achieves the best results. You can make obedience training fun for the dog—and yourself—by making a game of it. This makes both your dog […]